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Leading with Empathy.

Over the course of my career, I have observed too many bright, talented corporate stars burn out prematurely – regulated to a non-contributing role or asked to leave.

When I asked those who decided why these “stars” didn’t work out, I inevitably hear things like, “They just don’t know how to play well” (i.e. not a team player) or were clunky in dealings with others.

Leaders don’t have to burn out. To develop more awareness, more understanding of what is happening in the corporate culture around you, and to fit better into it, the solution is simple:


I wrote an article for Chef Executive that outlines four ways CEOs can lead with sympathy.

The next generation of leadership cares about more than salary and benefits; its members view work as something that requires meaning and purpose. Those who ignore their viewpoint do so at their corporate peril. The talent wars will be won and lost on this battlefield.

Engendering more empathy into our own leadership is easier than you think. Read and apply the four ways to apply empathy—and produce a more energized, satisfied, and forward-thinking C-Suite.


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