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Meet The Team


Joseph Bowers

Executive Advisor

Joseph Bowers combines 30+ years as a global corporate executive and entrepreneur focused on helping individuals and teams transform their leadership capabilities. Specialized in outcome-based learning, business management, leadership development and executive coaching, Joseph leverages holistic strategies designed to facilitate purpose, productivity, focus and human connection.  Read more.


Roger Gardner

Facilitator & Transformational Leadership Coach

Roger Gardner is a transformational leadership coach with 40 years of experience as a business and media executive. Roger empowers individuals and organizations through effective change management and building culture.  Read more.


Jim Lientz

Leadership Coach

Jim Lientz brings more than 45 years of leadership experience in both the public and private sectors to his coaching methods. He helps executives enhance their leadership skills through communication, accountability and trust to improve corporate culture.  Read more.


John “Pepper” Bullock

Executive Advisor

John “Pepper” Bullock is a transformational executive coach and a corporate educator in leadership development, innovation and change management. The founder of Safe Harbor Consulting, Pepper specializes in helping executives reach their leadership goals through practicing awareness and behavioral change.  Read more.

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